Austin J.R
​Austin J.R​​​​​
​Singer/Emcee, Producer, Guitarist and Streetdancer


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Austin J.R is giving money to charity and raising homeless awareness with music!
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If you choose to support you can make a big difference. Your money will directly help people in need and create a song which could go down in history...

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Inspired by nights out in the cold feeding the homeless, learning stories about real people experiancing unlucky situations. Austin whilst providing food and drink for the homeless decided to create a song to raise awareness of what its like for the homeless!  Written, produced, performed, and edited by Austin J.R - "#OYE" gives YOU the opportunity to get involved!!

Using this song to help the homeless is an amazing thing to do!
 Austin performed the song at the Big Sleep Out for the FRAMEWORK charity

receiving outstanding reviews. "Its great! We love the song and are really thankful for what Austin is trying to do" they said.

There is a limited time to make this happen so your money really counts now.


Here's how you get involved 
​​Click the donate button below. If you want to give remember....... Without YOU this really is not possible. Together we make a difference.

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About Austin J R
Austin J.R's got flows! A seasoned artist with many years cooking venues as a performer. Unique and like no other his versatility is adept to most genres of music! He has apeared on screen a few times and has trained with the BAFTA Award Winning Television Workshop.

After seeing Austin perform at the age of 11, BBC Radio 1 breakfast show host Chris Moyles stated live on the air! "If he doesnt make it, there must be something wrong with the music industry.  He was Brilliant! Honestly......"

Austin J.R is still yet to breakthough and there is talk that his album is icy! Cold for the man dem but the ladies are gonna melt................. 

People are confident that he is the next "major artist!"

After being crowned a winner in the Nottingham Regional Finals of Open Mic UK ' Austin J.R ' went on to win the Area Final and according to direct sources was cheated in the final of the competition and has evidence to prove it! 

This guy is a lot more than just another artist. He's different and exciting! 

You can purchase or stream on Itunes, Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and all other major online stores! Just search "Austin J.R"

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  1. 6 DEC
    Open Mic Uk - Area Final
    Dewsbury Town Hall, WF12 8DG
    TIME: 19:30 - 21:30, SUNDAY
  2. 23 April
    Live Performances, Music, Dance, Beatbox, Rap
    7:15 - 9:30 SATURDAY
  3. TBA
    Album Launch Party
    Album Launch Party
  4. 18 Nov 2017
    Big Sleep Out - #OYE Charity Performance
    Live Performance
    Forest Sports Zone, NG7 6LB
Austin J.R